Acvtivities at the Camping                          


Ideal for those whom want to explore the typical Dalarna villages with their “falu red” cottages and houses which almost seems unreal, so beautiful.
Forgot your bicycles? No problem, you can rent real Swedish “Kronan” bicycles on the camping.
Are coming with a big group please make reservations in advance!

This is a real Swedish game made of wooden pins which you play with to groups and you have to try and throw the pins of you opponent down. Real fun game for the whole family! Most popular summer game in Sweden. Have to try it.



Take with you your fishing gear and test your luck directly from the shore or from one of the pier’s.
Don’t forget to by your fishing licence.
Fishing you can do all year round. Ice fishing is popular.

Walking / Hiking:
Hiking in the woods not far from the camping where you can see moose, deer and more wildlife.
Or follow a part of the ”Siljansleden” or follow it for a few days, exp: Västanvik to Mora, or just go all around the Lake.
Even smaller day trips can be made from the camping. The more active ones can shop an orientation map and explore the woods in a great way.
A walk to Västanviks old flourmill which is / was operated by a flowing creek is a must. It is in the woods not to far from the camping. This mill was moved to Västanvik and built up in 1933. The mill’s history can be read in the timber. You will see this mill was already in use in 1879.