About the Camping / History

Västanviksbadet has always been a swimming area even before it became a camping.
In 1946 Västanviksbadet became a nice and cozy family camping.
Since long a place where many guests like to return for their holidays.
It is a place where many people come to, to relax and enjoy a nice surrounding with old fashion typical Swedish houses.

The camping lies about 4 km outside of Leksand on the west side of the Siljan lake.
The camping is good situated to make many day trips around the lake.
There is so much to see and explore that a few days stay is a must!

Direct on the beaches of lake Siljan lies the 4 hectare camping with 70 electrical caravan / camper sides. The camping is shelve, therefore you will find some terrace pitches which gives the camping a special atmosphere.
For the ones tenting we have a big field without electricity which are also used for the caravans and campers not needing electrical facilities.
There are 8 lakesite places in total which are direct on the Siljan shore.
Eye catching are the old Swedish timbered cottages. All 12 cottages are for rent. Did you ever think of sleeping in an about 300 year old cottage? Yes, they exist on this camping. Almost every building on this campground has an unique history and we hope to continue preserve this environment. Buildings were once moved timber by timber to the camping. For example the main gathering cottage, where you can relax, read a book or watch television, was once in 1948 moved from a nearby village to the camping.
So if you want to go back in time, enjoy and relax you have come to the right place.
Soon you will not want to go back to the stress of today!

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